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    What is Tree Risk Management?

    In order to understand tree risk management, it is helpful to be familiar with the concept of risk management itself. Risk management relates to the management of public spaces. Basic elements of infrastructure are recognised to withstand acceptable levels of risk. These infrastructure elements include sidewalks, curbs, streets, playgrounds and utilities. So to restore these areas and maintain order in a given area, a community must systematically implement corrective actions within a reasonable timeframe. That way we are able to maintain order within a region before things become too problematic.

    Tree risk management itself involves the process of inspecting and assessing trees for their potential to injure people or damage property. For example, in a matter of the recent storms and seismic quakes, we wound want to eliminate any trees that lean. As they have the potential to collapse and damage property and potentially inflict harm to residents. When a tree is evaluated, the term traditionally used to describe a tree which has been evaluated as having failure potential is called “hazard” or “hazardous”.

    Tree risk management should not be limited to tree excavation. A successful tree risk management plan should integrate tree planting and regular tree pruning programs to promote healthy and structurally sound trees. In sum, the goal of a tree risk management program is to reduce the amount of risk people and properties are subjected to in a certain community in accordance to city policies and standards.

    What Are Benefits of Urban Trees?

    1. Urban pollutant filtration: reduces air pollution through leaf uptake of pollutants. They help promote a happy and healthy ecosystem.
    2. Improvement of Water Quality: allow for rainfall interception, tempered release into surface waters, and regulates water flow.
    3. Increase Property Values: landscaping is proven to increase property values by 20%. Healthy trees mean happy wallets.
    4. Wildlife Shelter and Food: by providing habitat, food, and protection to plants and animals, trees increase urban biodiversity within a concrete jungle.
    5. Improved Psychological Health: studies indicate a significant independent effect of trees on the street on physical and mental health. Nature tends to have an uplifting impact on our moods, as study shows. Keeping nature a part of a residential area keeps us sane.

    How Do We Identify Tree Hazards?

    Cracks: any separations or splits in the wood through its bark.

    Signs of Decay: wood that has hotted, is missing, contains fungus, holes, open cracks, or bulges.

    Root Problems: roots that are inadequately anchored showing signs of leaning.

    Poor Architecture: growth patterns such as a sharp bend or twist, contains severe vertical branches, or has an excessive lean.

    Why Is This Important?

    For one, it is every tree owner’s responsibility to make sure no one is at risk from the falling of trees and branches on their property. Be it that that the area is residential or public, a tree risk management is imperative for public safety. It is the duty of home owners and land owners alike to monitor the health of their trees, no matter what quantity of them they possess.

    We highly recommend that property owners pay careful attention to the signs of trees being hazardous. We advise to undergo routine inspections on an annual basis. For public areas, risk tends to exist at higher levels given the amount of exposure and traffic these properties get. The more popular an area is and the more visitations it receives, the more frequently inspections should be conducted.

    Role of an Arborists

    Don’t underestimate the role of an arborist. We are the guys you call when your trees need the maintenance necessary to keep the world around you in its proper state. We are known for tree maintenance but our work accomplishes so much more than that. The practice of pruning trees and shrubs are enacted in order to protect roadways, power lines, and sidewalks from damage.

    Arborists are specialised in arboriculture and are taught the required techniques to accomplish such tasks, along with how to operate power equipment when our bare hands cannot do the job solo. Through the years we have obtained the training and skill set to assess and manage a tree population to ensure public safety, which makes us also experts in tree risk management.

    Why Should Jim’s Trees Do Your Inspections?

    Two words: Quality and Care.

    Here at Jim’s Trees our expert care began in 1989. As time progressed, our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed inspiring us to expand our services by offering them worldwide. We are experts in providing all types of quality tree services to adhere to each of our customers precise needs. We proudly service residential, commercial and government agencies and regional councils with their tree risk management requirements throughout New Zealand.

    Let Jim’s carry out your tree inspection and handle your tree risk management. Get in touch today on 0800 454 654.