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    Auckland Tree Removal, Care & Maintenance

    jims trees

    Across the year, it’s important to ensure that your property’s trees are well-kept and healthy for longevity and durability. If your trees go without adequate care, they can become damaged and create the potential for further destruction on your property.

    At Jim’s Trees, we’re the go-to arboreal experts in Auckland – one call away from all the tree care and maintenance services you’ll need. Our specialists are all well-equipped with the tree expertise and experience to diagnose tricky issues and swiftly complete complicated tree removals. If you want to understand the potential costs of removing a tree, read our costs guide here.

    Tree Removal & Stump Care Services in Auckland

    Whether you have a tree maintenance job you’d like to schedule or there’s a one-off job you need done, Jim’s Trees can provide you with it! We also service across private residences, business, and local councils. Below are our most common service areas, however if you’ve got a unique tree issue, we can also advise you on the best service solution based on our expertise.

    • Tree Removal
    • Stump Grinding & Removal
    • Tree Pruning
    • Tree Trimming
    • Mulching & Chipping

    Why Choose Jim’s Trees Auckland?


    If you’re needing a tree or stump removed from your property, don’t start the work until you’ve spoken to the professionals at Jim’s Trees. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to complete any difficult, complicated removal, servicing over 300 regular customers in New Zealand each year.

    Professionally Trained Team

    No job is too big or too small for the Auckland team at Jim’s Trees. Every arborist at Jim’s is rigorously trained to perform a range of tree removal services and qualified to handle safety equipment. If you have large trees that are difficult to access or tall palm trees that need to be pruned, our trained team is specialised in servicing these difficult and hazardous tasks.

    Swift Full Coverage Service

    With one call or click, Jim’s Trees can provide you with your free no-obligation quote. Our fees are highly competitive and we provide fast and flexible turnaround. We can assist in getting the relevant council approval and our teams have high-quality equipment to efficiently complete your job. As well as undertaking the work itself, Jim’s can provide a fully comprehensive arborists report along with any tree assessments, pest and disease control advice or consultation.

    Leave No Mess Behind

    For every tree job completed, we leave the site as we found it. After a tree or stump removal, pruning or trimming, we’re diligent in cleaning up all the debris left on-site ourselves to make sure it’s tidy and safe for the surrounding area. We provide our own green waste disposal and wood-chipping so you don’t have to worry about it.

    Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need permission to remove a tree?

    In order to complete tree works whether it be to chop, trim or prune a tree, you may need to apply for a resource consent from the Auckland council. There are notable tree species or trees located in certain areas that are legally protected and require specific approval, even if it’s within your own property. In situations where it is an emergency such as a tree has fallen and may cause an injury, a tree can be removed without any prior consent.

    Can I cut down a tree myself?

    You can cut a tree down by yourself, however it is definitely not advisable to do so. There are many safety risks and hazards to tree removal procedures that can result in potential injury to yourself, as well as damage to the tree, your property, and the ecosystem in the process. If you want a safe, swift, and smooth tree removal, it’s highly recommended to contact the professionals instead who have the proper tools and training to carry out the removal with minimal risks.

    Do I need stump removal too?

    If you need to remove a tree from your property, you’ll also want to consider removing the entire stump and root system with it too. Leaving a stump in the ground can create further problems for your garden, such as the roots continuing to grow or the stump rotting over time and attracting pests. A stump can also take up space in your garden and detract from the appearance of your garden.