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    The Cost of Stump Removal

    jims trees auckland

    When it comes to deciding whether to remove a tree stump, price often plays a large part in the final decision. It’s common for our team to be asked about the cost of removing a stump, however it’s difficult for our team to provide a price for removal as every stump is different. Much like tree removal, there are a range of factors which determine the cost of your removal.

    Is stump removal necessary?

    A common question we receive is tree stump removal necessary. Unlike diseased or dead trees, stumps do not pose an immediate threat to the safety of people or structures. That being said, unremoved stumps will cause problems later down the track. Stumps can be dangerous tripping hazards and if close to your home, can be considered a bushfire risk. They also take up valuable garden space, absorb water and nutrients, and the roots of a stump can crack pavements, foundations and disrupt utility pipes.

    The factors in stump grinding cost

    There are multiple factors that determine the cost of your stump grinding. Before we quote the price of a removal, we perform a basic assessment of the stump to understand the scope of the work involved and can then provide a basic estimate for the overall cost.


    The size of your tree stump will have a strong influence on the overall cost of removing it. Bigger stumps will take longer to remove, require more effort and sometimes additional removalists and equipment.

    Tree type

    The cost of your removal will vary depending on the tree species. Hardwood tree species, such as Brush Box and Ironbarks, have stumps which are more difficult and therefore expensive to remove. The tree species will also determine the root system and the difficulty of removal which is another factor in the cost.

    Root system

    The scale of a stump’s root system can determine the difficulty of the removal. Healthy stumps will likely have a stronger and more spread out root system which will take some time and skill to remove. Older stumps, especially those already beginning to decompose, will be easier and quicker to remove. The cost of stump removal will increase if the roots have become entwined in other tree roots, are close to utility pipes, or under foundations, driveways and the street, as it will take additional time and equipment to remove them.


    When it comes to stump removal, location really is everything. Removing a stump in the middle of a paddock in the countryside is a lot easier than removing a stump wedged between buildings or near electricity lines. Stump grinding requires equipment and accessibility to the stump. If your stump is located in a difficult spot, it will require more time and effort which will increase the price tag.


    Time is money. The time taken to remove a stump will be determined by the tree type and location of the stump as well as the skill and experience of the removalist. Professional and highly experienced removalists will be able to remove a stump more efficiently and effectively compared to a less experienced professional or amateur. Many removalists will charge an hourly rate for removal.


    If you are requiring additional stumps to be removed, this will also impact the price of your removal. However, removing multiple stumps at once will save you money in the long run as you will save the cost of additional “call out” fees in the future.

    Clean-up & mulching

    After removing the stump, there will be some green waste left over. Some removalists may charge for the disposal of this waste or you may be left to deal with it yourself. We offer a tree mulching and wood chipping service so you can reuse the stump materials on your garden and trees. This additional service will also impact the overall cost of your removal.

    DIY vs. professional removal

    After weighing up the cost of a professional stump removal service, it may be tempting to do it yourself. While many do-it-yourself garden projects are easy and cost effective, attempting stump removal by yourself can end up costing a significant amount. Stump grinding equipment can be hired at an affordable rate, but depending on the success of your amateur removal you may need to have multiple attempts to remove the stump or call in the professionals. You’ll also be removing the stump at the price of your valuable time and energy. DIY removal can also cost you more than money. It’s not uncommon for accidents to occur when people without the necessary training, skills and expertise try their hand at stump grinding. If you’re fond of your fingers, it might be wise to call in the stump removal professionals.

    Receive a quote for stump removal

    You can receive a free quote for your stump removal by filling out an easy form on our website. Otherwise, contact our friendly team today to discuss your stump removal requirements.