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Tree trimming and tree removal involved a high degree of risk for both the trimmer and the property owner – which is why it’s important to use an arborist who is qualified and insured to undertake the task.

At Jim’s Trees, our arborists have are fully trained and qualified in dealing with tree maintenance and care of all types.

With years of experience in arboreal care, we’ll give you the honest and credible advise which you can trust.

There is no middle man or contractor to deal with, so you know you are receiving quality work under the Jim’s Tree’s guarantee every time.

We ensure that every job we do adheres to strict standards of safety and industry-standard operating procedures. Our arborists and other staff members all have the relevant training to carry out their jobs with exemplary performance and skill. Above all else, we value the service we provide to our customers, ensuring that their needs are met and that they are satisfied with the work we do.

We can provide arborist reports for those who require them. We can also help you expand your garden or home by removing unwanted trees, shrubs and stumps. If you need tree removal permits for the work required to make this happen, Jim’s Trees can handle all the red tape that holds back many of these jobs.

Need tree removal or  stump grinding advise or quote? Call Jim’s on 0800 454 654 today.

Read more about our insurance coverage and strict OHS policies for all work carried out.

Contact us by email or phone to get started. Or use the free quote form on this site to receive an estimate.

We also carry out risk assessment reports, organise tree removal permits and provide scheduled maintenance services for your home, commercial and agricultural requirements.

What is an arborist?

Think of an arborist as a surgeon of trees! An arborist will have the correct knowledge and expertise required to maintain and care for trees and other woody plants. Whether it is to prune, treat decay, or even replant, an arborist will know how to do it right so that there is no damage to the tree at any time.

Why choose a certified arborist?

A certified arborist will have the proper professional training and qualifications to care for trees. Skills are gained through arboriculture programs and on-field training, and can include tree pruning, residential tree care, transplanting, disease and pest control, care at sensitive locations such as trees close to electrical wires or buildings, fertilizing, removal, stump grinding, mulching, chipping, inspections, surveys, and getting necessary clearances from local tree control authorities.

Simply put, a certified arborist will have the means and knowledge to deliver the best possible services for your trees. Whether it is for home or commercial properties, hiring the services of a professional and competent agency such as Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will ensure that your green spaces are in good hands.



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