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Arborist Services

We provide fast, safe and professional tree services that are affordable and accessible to you. Keeping trees healthy and safe for the community is an essential service that reduces risk for your home and benefits the local ecosystem and the value of the neighbourhood. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality tree care. That’s why we help connect residents, businesses and councils with trained and qualified arborists with the knowledge and experience to get the best results out of their trees. Our commitment is to provide our customers with premium tree care and friendly customer service that is quick and reliable. 

We’ve been delivering excellent results all across New Zealand for years, which is why we are happy to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free quotes for all of our services, so you can enquire about anything you need without any obligation to commit.

Why choose an arborist?

An arborist is a trained and qualified specialist who can perform high level tree surgery and tree maintenance that is environmentally friendly. It’s always important to seek out the assistance of a qualified arborist for all significant tree work to ensure that it can be performed safely and give you the best results. The work of an arborist is dangerous. Services such as tree removal, power line clearance, branch lopping and canopy adjustments involve risky procedures that require a high level of skill and expertise to carry out safely. Climbing unstable trees, working around sources of electricity and removing large branches in residential and populated areas are not just dangerous for the tree surgeon, but also for anyone nearby. Choosing a qualified arborist is the only way to get these important jobs done in a way that is safe for the community and has the least impact on the surrounding environment. 

Choosing an arborist is not just about safety, it’s also about results. The expertise of our professionals allows you to get the best outcomes for your trees. Trained in horticulture, an arborist’s assessment can provide a detailed analysis of your trees that will identify any underlying health conditions. This information will reveal whether your tree poses any risk to your home and whether there might be structural issues that could cause it to fall during the next storm. The earlier you get an arborist to assess your trees, the better chance you have at avoiding problems and getting more healthy years of growth from your tree. Maintenance services such as tree pruning, canopy adjustments and palm cleaning can help your tree to prosper, maintain healthy growth and look great too.

Full range of arborist services

Our crews provide a complete range of professional arborist services. This includes every stage of a tree’s life. We can help with the planting of saplings and assist you in nurturing their development with mulching, trimming and pruning. We also provide essential protective work to keep them free from hazards such as power lines, fire risks and the dangers of high winds and storms. Our services also ensure the safety of your home by performing fast and effective tree and stump removal that can help you deal with trees that are dead, dying, dangerous or obstructive. Whatever you need when it comes to your trees, our team can help. Below are some of our most popular services. If you require help with anything not listed below, just get in touch and we can arrange to meet your needs. 

  • Arborist Report
  • Chipping of Tree Branches
  • Cleaning of Palm Trees
  • Supply of firewood
  • Removal of tree stumps 
  • Supply of mulch
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal 
  • Tree pruning
  • Canopy shaping
  • Crown raising
  • Crown thinning

Insured and experienced arborists

The work of an arborist is dangerous, which is why we take every precaution to keep you safe during the process. This goes beyond the extensive training and safety protocols we have in place for every job. It also includes your financial wellbeing. We protect your financial safety with every job through our industry-leading insurance coverage. Every service that we provide is protected by a $10 million insurance plan to safeguard your property, home and assets from any type of harm that could happen during our work. 

We do everything we can to reduce any risk to you, our team and the community. This includes rigorous training and safety standards. We also make sure that our teams use the highest quality tools and machinery so that they can perform the difficult work with confidence. With our qualified arborists, safety measures and insurance coverage, you can rest easy while we do the hard work for you. 

The Jim’s Trees Difference

Hiring the services of a professional agency such as Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will ensure that your green spaces are in good hands. We carry out maintenance services for your specific home, commercial, and agricultural requirements. Contact Jim’s Trees by email or phone to get started today or submit your free quote form to receive an estimate for your required services. You can call us on 0800 454 654 or fill out the quote form on our website.


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