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We have franchise for sale in all areas on New Zealand. At Jims Trees, we value quality customer service and we ensure that all of our franchisees put customer service as their top priority. Our chainsaws and hedge trimmers get us paid, but it’s the things like clean up, and making that little extra effort that get our franchisees the positive reputation which has people coming back, and referring their friends.

What Makes Jim’s Trees a great franchisee choice?

The Jims Group of companies is very diverse, we have 50 divisions within the group, with over 4000 franchisees worldwide. Most Kiwis recognise the Jims Logo, and they know our reputation for providing great service. This means we have a positive, powerful impact on the marketplace. We get a lot of bang for our buck with marketing, because of the existing brand awareness and positive reputation.

The Benefits of Franchising with us include:

  • Our name, logo, and company are highly recognised, making for a great steady supply of business, referrals and continued work.
  • Training and experience in key industry areas
  • Expansive working areas available
  • Continued training and specialization programs
  • Business training that includes proven operating procedures and an instruction manual
  • Opportunity to work with other divisions, company’s and business owners.

We are open to franchisee applications at this time, and have territory’s available all over New Zealand. If you want to operate and expand your own business, then you should contact us.

To qualify as a franchisee, you must be able to communicate well with others, and be able to make invested relationships with partners, co-workers and all customers.

If you currently own a business, we would also welcome your enquiry. You can expand your business quickly by partnering with us and sharing our resources and leads.

If you have management experience, Logistics experience, Sales experience or Arboriculture experience, you should contact us.

If you are a hard worker, who has a vision and a passion to control your financial destiny, you should contact us. We have franchise for sale in all areas of New Zealand

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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