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We offer fast mulching and chipping services that can help you to maintain your garden and sustainably manage green waste. Our team can make short work of any green matter on your property or leftover from another tree service with our industrial wood chipper. Through the local, fresh and organic wood chip mulch that we create, you can support the health of your garden by regulating the temperature of the soil. Our tree mulching and chipping services are available all across New Zealand, making sustainable green waste management and strategic garden management easy and accessible. For more information on mulching or chipping, get in touch with our friendly team today. We offer free quotes for all of our services.

Difference between Mulching and Chipping

While mulching and chipping services are often provided in conjunction with each other, they are two separate practices. Mulching is the act of covering the top soil of your garden with a layer of (usually) organic matter in order to regulate the temperature of the soil and retain important nutrients and moisture. Chipping is the practice of breaking down wood and green material into small pieces using a wood chipper. 

The reason these two services go hand in hand is that the wood chips produced by the chipping process are an ideal material to use for mulching. Therefore, by wood chipping and mulching the green waste we create through our range of tree services we are able to create a circular economy of organic matter that sustainably recycles trees back into the local environment to promote further growth.

Benefits of Chipping

Chipping is an important strategy for green waste management that helps to break down and recycle the excess organic material produced through services such as pruning, lopping, tree and stump removal. By feeding wood and green matter through the large portable wood chipper, we make the green waste easily transportable and ideal for use as a mulch for your garden. If you have organic material such as leaves and branches on your property, we can help you to quickly and efficiently break it down and either transport it offsite for you, or use it to help protect your garden. 

While there are many different varieties of mulch, the wood chip mulch that we produce through our chipper is fresh, sourced directly from the local environment, organic and untreated with chemicals or other unwanted ingredients. As such, it is ideal for use on your garden and will provide the best results for your plants and trees. 

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is one of the best ways to help your garden to thrive during periods of extreme or unstable weather conditions. The act of mulching is a horticultural practice derived from the natural life cycles of plants and trees that occur in ecosystems such as forests. As older organic material decays and falls to the forest floor, it creates a layer of protection for the soil that regulates temperatures and preserves moisture. By recreating this process on your home garden, you can help your plants and trees to survive and prosper in extreme cold or heat. Wood chip mulch is especially good for conserving moisture, reducing weed growth, supplying nutrients to the soil and preventing soil compaction. 

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