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    The Cost of Palm Tree Removal

    jims trees auckland

    Palm trees are incredibly picturesque. Their iconic shape and impressive heights make them common favourites, however a dying or diseased palm tree can quickly become dangerous if not removed. Not being native plants, palm trees can take over your garden and their roots may cause foundational or concrete damage. If you’re interested in removing your palm tree, there are multiple factors that determine the cost of removal.

    The factors in palm tree removal

    As palm trees are different from other trees, the price of removal also differs. Palm trees tend to have denser and thicker trunks, deep roots, and spiky bark which add to the complication of removing them.


    The size of your palm tree will determine the cost of its removal. Removing a large palm tree will take considerable time and effort to remove safely. A climber will need to scale the tree and remove the branches and trunk section by section. Smaller trees will take less time to remove and therefore be cheaper.

    Species of Palm Tree

    The cost of removal will likely depend on the species of your palm tree. Some tree species like the King Palm grow significantly tall so will take longer to remove due to size. Other species, such as the Phoenix Palm have the added challenge of spiky bark or fronds, which are difficult to remove so are more costly to remove.


    Is your palm easily accessible? If your palm tree is located in a tricky spot, such as being wedged between buildings, other trees, and utility poles, the price of your removal will increase. To successfully remove your palm, removalists will also need vehicle access in order to transport the green waste so secluded areas will increase the time taken and therefore the price. Tricky terrain and surrounding areas may also require additional time, equipment and removalists which will impact your final removal cost.

    External factors

    The weather conditions and time of year will also affect the price of your palm tree removal. We’ll always remove your palm tree, unless it is considered unsafe or dangerous for us to do so. However, if your palm is being removed during a heat wave, heavy rain or any other adverse weather conditions, this will increase the difficulty and the price of your removal.

    Stump removal

    Many people make the mistake of not removing the stump of their palm tree. While stump removal is an additional cost, failing to remove it can create more expensive problems down the track. Old stumps drain gardens of valuable water, nutrients, and space. Their roots can cause havoc, uprooting foundations, pavement and entwining with other tree roots. Depending on the stump root system, the cost of your stump removal will vary.


    Unfortunately, palm tree bark cannot be processed through a woodchipper due to its spiky nature. This means, unlike other tree species removal, the green waste created from palm tree removal needs to be transported off-site and disposed of. This specialised requirement increases the price of palm tree removal.

    DIY vs professional removal

    Are you considering spending a weekend removing a palm tree yourself? While you may be equipped with your chainsaw and a YouTube tutorial, you’ll quickly find that removing a palm without the necessary skills, equipment and experience is no easy feat. Large, spikey and with dense trunks and roots, a simple mistake could lead to an unfortunate accident or even death. You may also end up with a botched job and will need to call in the experts to properly remove the tree after all. When it comes to removing palm trees, it’s best left to the experienced professionals.

    Receive a quote for palm tree removal

    If your tree needs removal then call Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal. As highly trained arborists, we can remove your palm tree safely and efficiently. For a free quote, simply fill out the easy form. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team and discuss your palm tree removal requirements.