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    How Much Does A Tree Removal Cost?


    When it comes to the price of tree removal, there is unfortunately no magic number which applies to every tree. Instead, the cost of removing a tree varies depending on the tree size, species, location and condition. There are also the additional expenses relating to safety concerns, council regulations and the time of year.

    We’ve outlined some of the common factors which can affect the cost of tree removal, but if you want an accurate price and time estimate for your tree removal then you’ll need a qualified specialist to assess your tree.

    Determining Factors

    There are multiple factors that will determine the price of your tree removal. These considerations range from tree size to the terrain to the time of year.

    Tree Species, Size and Condition


    A tree’s species will determine how difficult it will be to climb, cut, woodchip, and transport. Some species such as a date palm have the added risk of being more dangerous to remove due to their spikes and therefore will be more expensive to remove. You can view our palm tree removal cost guide for more information.


    Much like its species, a tree’s size will determine how difficult its removal will be. Small (up to 10 metres) and medium (10-20 metres) trees are significantly quicker and cheaper to remove than larger trees (above 20 metres) due to there being less timber to cut and branches to dispose of. Large trees increase the risk of a removal and may require additional services such as traffic management, the shutdown of electricity and cranes. 


    Majority of trees being removed tend to be dead or unhealthy. Because of this, it can be unsafe for our team members to climb the tree or remove particular branches. Trees with storm damage, pests, or dead branches may need specialised equipment to remove them safely. A careful inspection will be required to accurately assess the condition of the tree before a team member can provide a time and cost estimate for the removal.


    Depending on the site of your tree, there may be additional costs for removal due to safety, location and terrain requirements.


    At Jim’s, we never compromise on safety. Much like our tree assessment, we also take the time to carefully consider any safety concerns regarding the site of your tree removal. In the case of a damaged or dead tree, we’ll need to take the necessary safety precautions in order to remove it. This will likely involve additional personnel and specialised equipment.

    Examples include:

    • Cherry pickers
    • Traffic management
    • Extra safety lines
    • Elevated work platforms

    These necessary additions will likely increase the price of your tree removal and will vary depending on the specific safety requirements. 


    Location plays an important role when it comes to safe and efficient tree removal. Easy access to the tree is most important. Being able to park the equipment and machinery close to the tree means the removal will be more efficient as no time will be lost cutting down small pieces and transporting them to the woodchipper. Even a small distance such as 10 or 20 metres can add significant time onto your removal and increase the cost.

    Other factors which can complicate the removal and increase the price include:

    • Powerlines 
    • Nearby buildings 
    • Vehicle access


    Tricky terrain can complicate the removal process. If your tree is located on a slope or uneven ground, it can affect the efficiency of the removal as our team will need to take extra precautions while transporting the tree materials to the woodchipper. 


    Unfortunately, there will always be external factors outside of your control which can increase the price of your tree removal.


    Although the external factors such as weather have less of an impact on the cost of tree removal, they can increase the difficulty. In some cases, extreme wind or thunder storms can prevent the removal going ahead due to safety concerns. Hot weather can increase the time required for a removal as the team will need to take hydrant breaks and the possibility of fire is more likely. 

    Time of year

    Like any other industry, the tree removal business is impacted by supply and demand. The warmer months see an increase in tree removals, so there is opportunity to save if you’re removing your tree during Autumn. The time of year can also impact the life cycle of your tree. Removing a tree without leaves in Autumn is a lot cheaper than removing a tree with full leaves and bloom during the Spring. 

    Additional Expenses

    There are also some additional expenses to consider when removing your tree. 

    Stump removal

    Stump removal is complex due to the difficulty of removing a stump and its roots system. Stumps can be tripping hazards, take up room and stunt garden growth so we recommend removing them. However, there will be additional costs associated with this service. View our stump removal cost guide for more information.

    Green waste disposal

    After a tree removal, there is considerable waste left over. Some customers may keep the waste for firewood or garden mulch, but if you’d like your waste to be disposed of, we offer various waste solutions at different prices. 

    Council permits

    Depending on the council district that your tree is located in, you may need to apply for a permit to have your tree removed. This is due to tree protection laws which vary from council to council and may apply to specific tree species, sizes and conditions. Contact your local council to see if any particular rules or regulations apply and factor this into your tree removal budget. 

    Remove your tree today

    When it comes to tree removal, you can rely on Jim’s. To receive an accurate price estimate on your tree, contact us to schedule a consultation or a site visit. You can also use our website to receive an easy and free quote.

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