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Jim’s Trees Complete Guide to Tree Felling

Jim’s Trees Complete Guide to Tree Felling

What is Tree Felling?

Tree felling is the process of cutting down the tree from the ground using specialist arboreal equipment and techniques. Tree felling can be a perilous task, particularly when performed on taller trees. Unless you have the expertise, you should never attempt any tree felling on your own.

Tree felling is more than just cutting down a tree. Many factors require the judgment of someone with training. Factors such as the slope of the tree, level of the ground, weight distribution, and strength of the trees foundations all influence how to optimally perform a tree felling operation.

What is the purpose of Tree Felling?

Although complete removal of a tree should be a last resort, sometimes it’s entirely necessary.  It’s inevitable that occasionally trees will become sick or develop in such a way that they become too large for their weak foundations, becoming a significant risk to the surrounding environment.

When it does become necessary to remove a tree, you ideally want to cause as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment. You want to ensure you’re extracting the trees without causing damage to their surrounding environment or any nearby property. It’s also important to identify whether any particular trees on your property are likely to become hazardous and take the appropriate actions to ensure future safety.

How should you choose the right company for Tree Felling?

It’s necessary to go with fully qualified, professionally trained arborists, but what else is there to consider?

You shouldn’t only judge a company by their arborist certifications. Other certifications are also necessary to be 100% sure that whoever performs the job is fully insured and has appropriate health and safety training. We strongly recommend choosing a company that will provide a full quote for the job up front, this way there won’t be any nasty surprises. Like purchasing any other service, it’s also worth investigating how other customers feel about the services they have received.

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