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Wood Chipping


Australians are proud of their gardens. They know the importance of mulching and how critical it is for maintaining moisture in the soil, especially with the long, dry summer spells.

Mulch is a layer of wood chips which is applied onto the surface area of soil. It can be used around your plants, shrubs, trees and garden beds to improve the fertility of your garden and also prepare it for sustenance during the warmer climate. Mulching helps you by:

  • Conserving moisture
  • Reducing weed growth
  • Improving the soil’s health and productivity
  • Supplying precious nutrients to the soil
  • Enhancing the natural beauty of the area
  • Aiding loosening of compacted soil

Buy in bulk and receive your order at amazingly low prices

Jim’s Trees deals in bulk sales of garden mulch and offers competitive rates and great customer service. We sell premium, woodchip mulch as opposed to commercial mulch that is easily available in hardware stores. This is a direct by-product of reprocessing untreated timber and is useful in moderating the temperature of the soil, conserving the moisture and limiting the growth of weeds.

Our high-quality woodchip mulch helps your trees and plants to grow better by lasting longer than arborist mulch and is perfect for applications under plants or shrubs. It can also be used for ground surfacing and in large garden areas.

We supply to corporates, schools and colleges, avid gardeners and individuals with a love for gardening. As we carry out daily deliveries and deal in bulk quantities, you can be fully confident your mulch arrives quickly.

Order your garden mulch with just a few mouse clicks

You can also order online by filling out a simple form or dialing our number to place your order. All orders are dispatched promptly and you also enjoy great savings as we offer mulch at a very low price. Get in touch with us today for more details. Happy gardening!


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