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Tree Pruning: Regular Maintenance


Tree Care and Maintenance

Trees have always been an essential source of food, shelter, and oxygen for all people. In modern times many people use trees to add beauty to their land and surroundings. Proper tree maintenance is vital to maintain the value of a tree, both as a source of food and shelter.

Trees are living organisms that grow, flourish, and then decay and die, this is the natural lifecycle. As trees start to deteriorate or become infected with a pest, they are a danger to people and property. Correct tree maintenance is essential to prevent branches from falling and causing damage. Proper maintenance will also prolong the life of disease-affected trees. Regular maintenance helps prevent trees from become home to pests.

Why Jim’s Trees?

At Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal, we know the value of well maintained trees. For years, we have been bringing tree care and maintenance services to our valuable customers. We have built up a reputation for high-quality work that meets the strictest standards. We are committed to our customers and meeting their needs for tree care.

Every tree we are asked to inspect and care for receives a detailed examination and the application of our years of experience. Our team of skilled arborists will come to your property and asses the best care requirements for your trees. Jim’s Trees is committed to keeping your trees in the best condition possible for their entire life cycle.

By having your trees cared for by a professional, you will:

  • Prolong the life of your trees
  • Help achieve new growth
  • Remove decaying and hazardous branches
  • Remove the risk of pests to your home
  • Improve the beauty of your land

Contact us now and schedule an appointment to have your trees cared for by our team of tree care professionals. Or use the quote form on this page to get a free estimate.


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