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Why Tree Pruning is Essential

Why Tree Pruning is Essential

Tree pruning can have a number of positive impacts both for your property’s aesthetics and the health of your trees.

Have you ever seen a bonsai tree and been amazed by it’s miniature intricate branches. Chances are the bonsai was meticulously pruned over time to develop its interesting shape. Thankfully, regular sized trees don’t require pruning as frequently as their miniature siblings. However, pruning is absolutely crucial to maintaining it’s health and shape and keeping it clear of your property.

Saving your tree from diseases or damaged branches

A major reason to prune your tree is to protect it against the spread of specific diseases. Damaged branches are vulnerable to insects, decay and organisms. Pruning will also allow trees to more quickly recover from storm damage. It might seem odd to think that pruning a tree can help it thrive but it’s true for many garden plants of course: the difference with trees is that successful pruning really requires specialist expertise and skill.


Overhanging branches or unbalanced trees could pose a real threat to the safety of yourself, your family and your home. Only removing the hazardous branch is often a better alternative than removing the whole tree. Get in touch, and we can discuss your options.

It’s not only unbalanced trees or whole branches falling off trees that are cause for concern. Even if the nuts aren’t as large as coconuts, you may be surprised by the potential damage to property nut-bearing trees (such as chestnut) can cause, particularly to your vehicles.

Tree pruning can also significantly reduce the weight of the tree, so if it is hit by extreme weather conditions, it’s more likely to survive and less likely to cause serious destruction.

Tree pruning entails significant dangers. So DIY tree pruning can be a potentially disastrous idea.  Leave it to the experts arborists at Jim’s Trees. Our number one priority is health and safety.

Aid growth

Do you have trees on your property that are growing unsymmetrically or are developing an unbalanced branch structure? Careful, skill-ful pruning done by a tree care professional can aid trees in achieving new growth, and developing more evenly.

Increased home value

Are you missing out on sunlight and blue skies because of unfortunately placed tree branches? Jim’s trees are here to help! We can carefully prune wrongly orientated trees that are stealing light away from your home, allowing you to enjoy those blue New Zealand summer skies, the warmth, and brightness they bring into your home and life.

Tidy, attractive landscaping can significantly increase the value of your property.

Fruit-Bearing Trees

Pruning if done properly and by experts, may increase the long-term yield of a fruit-bearing tree.

Why you should use the specialist Arborists at Jim’s Trees

Arborists aren’t only extremely proficient at using dangerous power tools. Arborists have undertaken extensive study of arboriculture, giving them specialized expertise in Tree Care. Jim’s Trees are well established and have been caring for trees in urban and suburban areas since 1989.  We’ve expertly maintained tree populations across Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Hawkes bay for over 20 years.

We proudly serve commercial, residential, government clients and regional councils. We carry out necessary tree pruning as well as risk management across New Zealand.

However, pruning is only one of our many services, our other services include:

If you’re unsure exactly what service would be the best option for your property, we’re happy to discus your options. We’ll give you a run down of each potential option and their pros and cons. So you can make the decision that’s best for you!

So, if you’ve got a tree that requires pruning, or a garden you think might benefit from some judicious pruning of any of it’s trees, get in touch with Jim’s today on 0800 454 654.

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