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Be Wary of the Door-Knocking Tree Trimmer

Be Wary of the Door-Knocking Tree Trimmer

Police Issue Warning against Amateur Door Knocking Arborists

With the series of storms hitting New Zealand over the past few weeks, there have been raising concerns over the past few weeks over amateur tree cutters door-knocking, intimidating and coercing residents and owners to user their services, often for exorbitant prices. Similar occurrences recently received media coverage around the Glen Eden and West Auckland region where elderly couples in particular were the target of such aggressive sales techniques. Police issued a warning to residents to no engage such dodgy amateurs and instead call emergency services to report.

Amateur and unqualified arborists have been bad news for the tree removal and tree maintenance industry globally with thousands of nightmare stories of property damage, shady techniques and lack of professionalism. Insurance companies often also end up refusing property damage claims where unqualified arborists have been engaged, adding to the frustration of the parties involved.

Like the saying goes in virtually every industry – you get what you pay for. This holds true for arborists as well.

Jim’s Trees – What makes us the right choice for you

Jim’s Tree and Stump Removals have been providing arboreal care to clients all over New Zealand for several years. Having accumulated tens of thousands of hours of experience, together with best in class training and equipment, we guarantee to give you the best advise at a fair price to reflect the quality of our workmanship.

We provide residential and domestic tree maintenance, stump removal, tree lopping and tree trimming services throughout Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Hawkes Bay on a daily basis. Jim’s Trees are also often the preferred arborists to several town and city councils, business clients, parks and even the agricultural sector.

We also carry full Public Liability Cover for any work carried on site and have best in industry attitude and professionalism.

Don’t take risks with your property, trees or personal safety – trust the experts.

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