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Reduce Risk Property Damage today with Jims Trees

Reduce Risk Property Damage today with Jims Trees

Jim’s – The Tree Trimming and Stump Removal Specialists

We get it. Getting the chainsaw out of the shed and lopping off a few branches may seem enough to keep your trees tidy but, trust us, there is far more to it than that.

And the wrong decision could cost you a fortune!

Are you willing to ruin your garden to remove that tree stump? Or do you really want a storm to come and rip off all your weak branches for you?

When “She’ll be right” just won’t cut it, you’ve got to call in professional tree trimmers.

Trim your tree wrong and you could be in for an expensive bill – leave it to the tree-trimming experts

When your trees need pruning, you may be tempted to do the work yourself.

Trees and shrubs can be damaged by pests, diseases and climate change – they need maintenance to keep them strong.

But cutting off branches here and there could actually do more harm than good to your tree’s structure, making it more susceptible to falling on a fence, powerline or house.

That’s a big bill to foot if you mess it up – leaving it to the professionals ensures every weak branch is removed while the tree’s integrity stays intact.

Tree trimming is a very dangerous process that sends wood chips flying everywhere and branches strewn across the lawn – It doesn’t take much for children and pets to get injured.

And do you have the training or equipment to keep yourself, your family and the surrounding properties safe? Rely on us to do the job right, first time and leave your garden clean from debris.

Consider who is liable when a tree falls, causing damage in a storm? Make sure it’s not your tree that’s fallen.

Professional arborists know the risks before they yell timber Have you ever considered how much science goes into tree removal?

From the direction the tree is going to fall, to how much falling room it has – and don’t forget the radius of debris fallout – there are a multitude of potential hazards to think about.

As trees die during winter, get infested with pests or become a danger to the surrounding buildings, they need to be removed. Don’t wait for Cyclone Debbie to remind you why.

Tree removal can be an expensive job, so you want to make sure you only pay for the tree-removal costs, and not for property damage (or new flower beds) because it was done incorrectly.

Let the team at Jim’s Trees look after you and your property as your tree comes falling down.

Tree removal companies aren’t stumped by the stump

Have you ever walked around a park or a neighbour’s garden and seen tree stumps scattered around?

That’s because, relatively speaking, cutting down the tree is the easy part.

Don’t get us wrong – trying to cut your tree yourself could lead to it destroying a house, blocking a road or damaging power lines.

But once the tree has fallen, the job isn’t finished. Next, and this is the hard part, you have to remove the stump.

This is when you need to professional and qualified arborists at Jim’s Trees more than ever!

Removing a tree stump is exhausting, time-consuming and backbreaking work. You can spend all day trying to extract it, be left with a scarred garden and still have a tree stump camping in your yard.

Not only will Jim’s Trees leave you with a tidy property, you’ll save money on chiropractor bills.

Let the tree removal professionals take care of it for you. You will save time and money and be assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Protect your safety and your family by using Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal

We get it – Kiwis love a bit of DIY.

But these handymen and women are costing the country “hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills” every year.

And the most dangerous place? The garden.

Most accidents (17 per cent) occur in our own backyards with 400 people a week injured by plants, trees and bushes.

Another 480 injuries a week involve tools and 77 people fall from steps or ladders each week.

Don’t be a statistic – get the guys from Jim’s in to do the job safely, quickly and tidily, leaving you with no extra bills or worries.

With a professional tree trimming and removal service, you can guarantee professional results.

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