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    The Cost of Tree & Hedge Trimming


    Does your tree or hedge need a trim? If you’re considering trimming your tree and hedge, you may be wondering what the cost of a professional service will be. Much like tree and stump removal, there are multiple factors that determine the cost.

    Is Tree & Hedge Trimming Necessary?

    Some people may dismiss tree and hedge trimming as an unnecessary expense. However, much like all garden maintenance, putting a little time and attention into your trees and hedges can be highly beneficial. Trimming your tree and hedge will approve aesthetics, ensuring your garden looks the best it can. It’s also a great way to maintain the health of a tree or hedge by cutting away dead leaves. 

    How often you should trim your tree or hedge will vary depending on its age and species. Usually, a younger tree should be trimmed every 2-3 years. We recommend trimming older trees every 3-5 years. It’s best to trim your hedges at least once a year, sometimes every season to maintain appearance. 

    The Factors in Tree & Hedge Trimming Cost

    When it comes to the cost of tree and hedge trimming, there isn’t a set price. Every tree and hedge is different so before we at Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal quote the price of trimming, we take in account a range of factors. These factors include the location, height and size, time of year and the clean-up of your hedge or tree. 

    Height & Size

    Depending on whether you are having your tree or hedge trimmed will have a significant impact on the cost. The height and size of the tree or hedge will also determine the cost. Taller trees and hedges will require specialised equipment in order to reach and perform the trimming service. Trimming large trees and hedges requires more time which will also increase the cost. 


    If your tree and hedge is located close to your home or near power lines, then you may be looking at a more expensive price for a trim. Our arborists may need to bring specialised equipment or additional team members to reach those trickier areas and successfully complete the job. The less accessible your tree or hedge is, the more expensive the trimming will be. 

    Time of Year

    Professional trimming rates may vary upon the time of year. If you have a flowering hedge, it’s best to book a trim as soon as the flowers are finished. Hedges that don’t flower are best trimmed in the spring months, which is a busy time for us. Trees are best pruned in the winter months. The cost of your trim may vary depending on when you book and high demand will increase prices. 


    After trimming your tree or hedge, there will be a significant amount of debris remaining. You can choose to dispose of the green waste yourself or the professional trimmer can remove it, occasionally at an additional cost. 

    DIY vs Professional Trimming

    Thinking of tackling a tree or hedge trim yourself? While doing the trim yourself may initially seem like an easy way to save a few bucks, it could end up costing you more. Having the required equipment is the first necessary step to a successful trim. You can purchase or hire equipment yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then you may end up with a botched job or put yourself in danger. Performing a tree and hedge trimming can be highly dangerous if you lack the proper training. You may also do significant damage to your tree or bush. If you are unsuccessful in your DIY trimming attempt, you’ll likely need to call in the experts to finish the job. It’s best to trust the professionals and not risk the health of your tree or your own safety. 

    Book your trim today!

    You can receive a free and easy quote for the trimming of your tree or hedge by filling out our quote form. Otherwise, contact our friendly team today to discuss your specific trimming needs.