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Tree Care and Maintenance for Winter

Tree Care and Maintenance for Winter

Tree Care and Maintenance for Winter

The run up to winter is a crucial time of year to check over your trees and carry out essential tree maintenance work such as trimming, mulching and securing branches, making sure you are prepared for whatever weather that winter brings. Winter can be hard on trees but here are some steps that you can take to minimise the risk of any damage from cold winter weather.


Tree-trimming and pruning


The run up to winter is the best time of year to trim your trees as your trees and beginning to enter their dormant stage of growth. Trimming or pruning trees can help sustain their health over the winter months as you are removing any dead or dying branches to aid in the overall health of the tree.


Tree -trimming can be a difficult task, doing it wrong can rip branches or damage bark, and for larger trees it can be a safety risk to reach the top branches. If in doubt, hiring an arborist to carry out the job for you might save you time and keep you safe.


Remove branches or trees that pose a risk to your property


Winter weather can be hard on your trees. Fallen trees and branches can cause damage to property, infrastructure and even a risk to life. As a resident of an area you have a responsibility to look after your trees to make sure they do not pose a risk to others. For more information, take at look at your local council’s checklist of tree owners responsibilities such has this.



Before the bad weather hits, a sensible first step to take is to hire an arborist to inspect your trees for any potential issues. You can then take steps to cable, brace or remove any problem branches that hang over your house, car or the sidewalk. A trained team of arborists could probably take care of any issues for you in just a few hours, using the proper equipment to ensure safety, cut branches or trunks without hassle and dispose of branches or stumps properly.


Provide winter nutrition for your tree


Although they may look almost dead during the winter months, this time of year is essential in the life cycle of a tree as the cold weather allows your trees to enter a dormant growth stage and stock up on all the essential nutrients they have used for growing during the warmer months.


A good way to help your trees along at this time of year is to protect them at the roots with a small amount of mulch. A thin layer over the roots and soil at the base of the tree will protect your tree like a blanket, helping to maintain soil temperature around the roots and provide more of those essential nutrients to the tree. Be careful not to over-mulch your trees though, a thick layer can prevent enough oxygen getting to the roots and encourage pests. Make sure to fertilise and hydrate your trees before its gets cold enough for the ground to get hard.


Protect your trees against cold weather


One way of minimising damage to your tree in areas of snow fall (such as stress-breakages) is to be prepared and install some barriers to the cold before winter sets in. Placing a protective fence around your tree or trees can help to prevent snow gathering around the trunk after snowfall. You could also wrap the trunk of you tree in a protective fabric such as burlap which will help to prevent the cold weather and frost from effecting the tree. This is essential for younger trees, where bark can become easily damaged by rapid thawing caused by winter sunshine. This is also known as sun-scald.


Consult an arborist


If you have any queries about the health of your trees, it is always a sensible idea to get the help of a professionally trained arborist. Ranging from a report on the heath of your trees to providing services such as removing trees that pose a risk to property, save yourself a headache and let the professionals do the work for you both safely and quickly!


Jim’s Trees are tree maintenance specialists who proudly offer services to residential, commercial and government clients in a number of locations across New Zealand. At Jim’s Trees we offer a range of services including tree trimming, tree and stump removal, stump grinding and supply of mulch amongst many more. If you are looking for trained arborists to aid you in your winter tree maintenance, then get in touch for your FREE quote today!




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