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    Tree removal is harder than most imagine. It can be a minefield of risks which can potentially turn into a very costly project. Whether it is cutting down or felling a tree, it is a task that should be best left to expert arborists.

    However, if the tree in concern is moderately short and small, you could potentially undertake the task with proper care and equipment. Regardless of whether it’s a small tree or a monster, safety comes paramount with in every step involved and should be the prime focus of all your actions during the process.

    You also need absolute certainty on how to chop down the tree efficiently and effectively prior to commencing the task. If you opt to do your tree removal, here is a list of some of the critical items you must consider.

    Underground Hazards

    If your tree removal requires removing the stump and root system, you must inspect for underground cabling, sewer pipes and gas lines that could potentially be damaged. Such damages are a common result of oversight and rushing into a job without proper planning and care – often leading to very hefty repair bills, potential fines and even prosecution in extreme cases.

    Proximity To Buildings

    Clients often request trees to be removed that are too close to their home or buildings. Extra attention must be paid to remove encroaching or overhanging branches to avoid severe damage to your home (such as external heat pump vents).

    Small branches are often much heavier than they seem and a slight misstep can lead to damages to roofing, windows and walls. Identifying the danger zone and risk management is essential to preventing property damage and personal injury.

    Overhanging Trees

    Removing a tree that is overhanging the neighbours property? Whether it’s a small branch or a large portion of the tree, always consult with your neighbour beforehand and obtain their consent.

    Always check bylaws to get clarification on your rights and responsibilities and seek to obtain written permission where possible. Request them to remove boats, caravans and parked cars which could potentially be damaged during the project. It is also a good idea to notify other neighbour’s of your tree or stump removal project to avoid any complaints and altercations.

    Insurance Coverage

    Always check with your insurance company whether you have Public Liability Cover for damages to property and personal injury during tree felling or removal. Obtain specialist cover for the project if it’s necc. Insurance is worth its weight in gold, especially for high risk projects.

    Tree Disposal

    Tree felling and removal leave behind a ton of branches, wood, leaves and debris which can become an unsightly mess unless taken care or disposed of. Leftover matter and debris often cannot be left for the council rubbish truck to pick up. Hiring a specialist rubbish removal company can become an expensive exercise on its own with the average company charging around $60-$80 per cubic metre of rubbish, plus callout charges.

    However, a professional tree removal specialists such as Jim’s Trees have their own truck mounted shredder to turn wood and branches into valuable and useful wood chips – reducing the disposal cost and make the job simpler.

    Hire A Professional

    Tree felling and removal is extremely high risk and hazardous – with potential harm and injury to persons as well as damaged to property. A high degree of duty of care is charged to anyone involved in such projects. Poor risk management and planning, inexperience and inadequate equipment can often set the stage for legal ramifications arising from negligence.

    Make life easier – deal with a professional arborist such is Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal. We bring decades of experience, best in class equipment, highly trained professionals, hundreds of positive reviews and come fully insured.