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The job was under a grab one voucher. It appears the job was allocated to a franchisee far away. Since it was a one hour job, I had to wait for a while to get my job done ie once the franchisee could schedule other jobs close to me. My impression is the actual job was done by another franchisee. The service was poor as the team of 3 were always watching their clock. The voucher is misleading, the time spent at the property was exactly 60 minutes which included the team parking the truck on the road to start of with and strolling up the driveway and looking at the tree, then going back and bringing their truck up. Getting kitted up and doing H&S checks, plus the ground member would light up a cigarette in between (at least 2 or 3 while on site). Overall, the full1 hour tree felling was not spent on tree felling!!

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