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How To Prepare New Zealand Trees for Winter  

How To Prepare New Zealand Trees for Winter  


When seasons change in New Zealand, farmers and homeowners have to adjust the way they care for plants, animals and trees on their property. Lower temperatures or increased precipitation can put certain species at risk of infection, breakage, or freezing. As the temperatures start to drop, the experts at Jim’s want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect and nourish your trees.

Consult the following tips on how to prepare your trees for the upcoming autumn and winter months. With proper preparation and professional advice from New Zealand arborists, you an feel confident in the health of your farm or garden, even through freezing temperatures and snowfall.


Clear Fallen Fruit and Debris

During autumn, leaves will fall around the tree and create a space for pests and diseases to grow. Prevent these diseases from spreading to the tree by keeping the area around your trees clear of any litter or leaf matter that collected over the previous months. Clearing the area also allows for a healthy flow of air during the winter months. Start this process early in the autumn to prevent a long afternoon of work in the winter.


Apply Spray to Prevent Pests

Take preventative measures to keep pests from burrowing around your trees. Sprays are available to deter pests without harming the tree. These sprays may be made out of natural ingredients. Consult a professional arborist about the best methods for preventing pests from disturbing your trees.


Mulch Around the Tree

Mulching is beneficial for trees and gardens year-round, but especially in the winter. During the winter months, mulch acts like a blanket over the soil and keeps tree roots warm. When the tree experiences rain or water, mulch can help to retain that water and make it easily available to the trees. Certain types of mulch can also deter pests as they look for a spot to make a nest during the winter months.


Homeowners should mulch around their trees once every six months. Mulch can be easily applied around trees, but different types of mulch are more effective than others. Purchase high-quality mulch and have it shipped directly to your address by heading to our website.


Know How to Remove Snow and Ice Carefully

Freezing precipitation can cause damage. Snow and ice can weigh down branches and possibly cause breakage. Gently remove snow and ice soon after it has accumulated on the branches. Brush snow off branches with an upward motion to prevent breakage. Dump hot (but not boiling) water on branches to melt ice and take weight off of the tree.


Prune Damaged Branches

Tree pruning is an essential part to tree care throughout the year, and winter is the best time to prune trees and other plants. Pruning is the process of removing damaged branches or limbs in order to benefit the rest of a tree. This process has a variety of benefits, including weight reduction and increasing the tree’s visual appeal. When the sun comes closer to the earth during the winter, trees cast a larger shadow and prevent the rest of your yard or garden from experiencing the sun. Pruning branches during this time can allow your garden to breathe and enjoy the sunshine. Winter is also a great time to prune trees because tree branches are barren and it is easy to see what branches do not look healthy or are causing problems.


Professional pruning services can further reduce the risk of damage to you and your trees and ensure that the process is finished in an efficient and timely manner. Learn more about pruning services here.

Reach out to Jim’s Trees for All of Your Winter Tree Needs

Tree maintenance can be time-consuming and dangerous. Leave the work to professional arborists who have experience with tree felling, tree pruning, and stump grinding throughout New Zealand.


The professionals at Jim’s Trees also have firewood available for sale to keep your home warm during the winter months. Our firewood is delivered directly to your door so you don’t have to travel through snow or cold temperatures. Prepare your property for the winter, inside and outside of your home.


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