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    A police check is issued as an official document to verify a background check by police or government agency to enumerate any criminal records a service provider may have.
  • $1,000,000 Work Guarantee
    This guarantee is up to one million dollars for work done by Jim's Group Franchisees.

    If you are not satisfied with the job, we will inspect it and have any problems fixed. If we believe the job is good and you do not, we will jointly agree on an independent expert to provide a report at our expense, and fix any problems found. Until this is done, you need not pay for the job. If problems are not fixed within a fortnight, any advance will be refunded.

    Only if no problems are found by the expert, will you be asked to pay the agreed price for the job and half the cost of the report.

    If the job is done to get your bond back on leaving a rental property, the job is only considered good when the agent or landlord is satisfied.

    If payment is made in advance and the job not done, the payment will be refunded.
  • $10,000,000 Public Liability
    A public liability policy covers damage to people or property.

    It is in place to protect business owners if someone sues for personal injury or damage to property.
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    Do you need a tree removal permit?

    In most tree removal cases, you can’t just immediately go ahead and remove a large oak tree from your property. For most larger tree removals you need to get a tree removal permit from your local council. There are also some trees that are exempted from this requirement.
    Depending on where in New Zealand your property is located, your local government may have different rules regarding tree removal regulations. However, since 2012, a new law was introduced that removed some of the bureaucratic red tape surrounding tree removal. Since then, only a distinct named list of trees and plants can’t be removed without permissions. If you’re at all unsure, we can help you determine whether you do in fact need to submit a permit before removing a tree.

    What is their safety and insurance policy?

    Arborists are involved in an inherently dangerous profession. Dealing with high-powered machinery, heights, and large trees comes with numerous safety hazards and risks. Therefore when hiring an arborist, it’s vital to ensure that they have proper health and safety protocols, as well as have a history of few critical incidents.

    Do they have arborist certifications?

    Often people are entirely unaware that tree loppers are not the same as arborists. However, it’s important to note that any individual or company calling themselves “tree loppers”, as opposed to arborists, are not sufficiently qualified to carry out the work of an arborist. They merely remove problematic branches without taking into account other factors that require significant training and expertise to judge. Within New Zealand, there are several qualifications that are available to arborists. The highest is a Cert 5 In Arboriculture.

    Can contractors provide a detailed quote up-front?

    Tree loppers may verbally agree to do a job at a certain price and then add additional costs during the process. For example, charging an additional cost to dispose of the remaining debris after lopping branches. With a certified arborists, we take our ethics very seriously and always strive for customer satisfaction.

    What are their customer reviews?

    Although it might not seem like there is much to go on when you’re selecting which arborists to hire for a tree removal or occasional pruning service, the most reputable arborists will have collected a large number of reviews from members of the communities they operate within. There are a few separate places where you will find trustworthy arborists reviews: the company Facebook page of the arborist, Google business reviews and independent reviewing sites. The most popular independent reviewing site within New Zealand is No Cowboys.

    If you require the services of an arborist, get in touch with the team at Jim’s Trees today either online or on 0800 454 654 for a free, no-obligation quote. Our professionally trained team would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services and insurance coverage to give you the peace of mind that you are receiving a cost-effective, professional and quality service.