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    What is an arborist?

    Think of an arborist as a surgeon of trees! An arborist will have the correct knowledge and expertise required to maintain and care for trees and other woody plants. Whether it is to prune, treat decay, or even replant, an arborist will know how to do it right so that there is no damage to the tree at any time.

    Why choose a certified arborist?

    A certified arborist will have the proper professional training and qualifications to care for trees. Skills are gained through arboriculture programs and on-field training, and can include tree pruning, residential tree care, transplanting, disease and pest control, care at sensitive locations such as trees close to electrical wires or buildings, fertilizing, removal, stump grinding, mulching, chipping, inspections, surveys, and getting necessary clearances from local tree control authorities.

    Simply put, a certified arborist will have the means and knowledge to deliver the best possible services for your trees. Whether it is for home or commercial properties, hiring the services of a professional and competent agency such as Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will ensure that your green spaces are in good hands.

    How do I know if I need an arborist?

    A visual and physical inspection followed by a professional consultancy will determine if you need an arborist. Look for overgrowth that is hindering or damaging property, reducing visibility, and creating general nuisance to people around you. Signs of disease such as stunted growth tree can often be reversed with the proper professional care and rejuvenation programme.

    Is your tree infringing the neighbours property?  Even though your neighbour may not have a problem with it, infringing trees pose a high risk of property damage and often is the cause of an expensive litigation or insurance payout.

    As a property owner, you also have a duty of care to maintain your trees to minimise any potential risk. Negligence of duty of care is often cited in third party claims related to tree damage.

    Most types of trees in New Zealand will often also require pruning as seasons change. Winter pruning is often required to ensure healthy grown during the summer. Regular pruning also allows arborists to detect early signs of disease, decay and pest damage.

    Additionally, dead stump is not just unsightly, it could have a whole underground network of roots that will eat into your yard’s resources, and can create problems for future construction.

    Along with the above, a professional service arborist such as Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will help with expert advice and look for further hidden problems that may surpass your inspection. You must deal with all kinds of issues that trees in your property can lead to, because you may be penalized if small problems turn into actual hazards.

    You may employ the services of an arborist for aesthetic reasons as well. Whether it is to beautify an existing space by having trees put in, or to have a driveway lined with shady greens, a certified arborist will bring your landscaping visions into real life.

    A certified arborist will not just help with trees but also their remains. Don’t know what to do with that gnarly old stump? Call us to have it removed and taken care of. We provide stump grinding and stump removal, and wood chipping amidst a variety of other services.

    Can I use an arborist for maintenance?

    Whether it is care for trees during seasonal changes or maintenance for that exotic, 20-year old species that was planted by grandma, a professional arborist service provider will take care of it for you. Also for hard to reach, tall trees such as palms, specialized equipment and care will be required. At Jim’s Tree & Stump removal, we will not only help you with the larger drudgeries of tree removal and moving but also with the finer nuances of delicate tree care. The trees within your properties will receive the best treatment possible through our hands.

    What is the best time to prune my trees?

    Different trees have different pruning requirements as the seasons change. Generally speaking, pruning is done during the winters while the tree lies in a dormant state.

    What do I look for in an arborist?

    You must do your homework and research properly. Look for experience, reliability, and testimonials as the first step. A certified insured  arborist is essential to minimise any risk of damage.

    Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal have the best hands, equipment and minds in the business.

    With decades of residential, commercial and agricultural arboreal care experience behind us, Jim’s are trusted by councils, property developers and owners, businesses and agricultural clients alike for their expertise.

    Apart from tree maintenance and removal, Jim’s also provide  consultancy, risk assessment and inspection service.

    Highly competitive rates for all wide range of services, the best  equipment, knowledge, expertise, qualifications and insurance to undertake even the most difficult of tree-related tasks – Jim’s is the clear choice.

    Why do I need an arborist service with insurance?

    Working with trees can be dangerous. Even if all care is taken at each and every stage while working with a tree—whether during pruning, cutting, stump removal, transplanting, et cetera—something might go wrong inevitably..

    A good arborist such as Jim’s Trees and Stump Removal will carry both Public Liability Insurance as well as Employee Insurance to cover them for injuries,

    What are the other risks of working with trees?

    Unfortunately, risks do remain if you do not opt for a trained arborist. And these risks are not just related to the time when a tree is being serviced. Consider this – your property boundary has a tree that is over 50 years old, and is seemingly bent with age. What if during a storm, it overturns, damaging neighborhood property or someone else’s parked car? You might be held legally and financially liable.

    And not just that scenario—what if your whole garden is ruined while digging for a stump removal? Root parts can also be leftover that could turn into a costly mistake in the years to come.

    Injuries to people can occur from wood-chipping splinter or a chainsaw gone awry. A whole tree might die because the branches were not pruned with care. As much as we hope not, so many things can go wrong. Arboriculture is a fine science that can create problems under untrained hands. Accidental and unintentional damage can open the way for not just losing your peace of mind and your precious greens, but also to prosecution and financial liability. An expert company like Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will assure that utmost care is taken to avoid any conflicts and damage. Our years of experience in the kind of services we provide will reflect in our work.

    How do I go about hiring an arborist?

    After your research, you need to reach out to the companies and get a consultancy and quotation for the services required. A consolidated service package that includes all that needs to be done alongside a quotation will make your life easier. At Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal, we provide you with a no-obligation quote that will include the most competitive price package in comparison to other providers. A good multi-service company like ours will also help you identify what needs to be fixed, since we bring our expertise and knowledge directly to your door. From there on, it’s a matter of booking and setting the work dates.

    Is the quote for tree work free?

    Yes, at Jim’s, we will provide you with a no-obligation free quote. You can choose to add services at a later date as well, and we will rework the quotation for you.

    When is payment due?

    Payment is due after the completion of the job. An invoice will be presented to you detailing the services rendered and prices agreed upon.

    What methods of payment due you accept?

    You can pay Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal through both cash and card facilities depending on your local franchise holder. Please call us on 0800 24 87 33 to find out payment options offered by your local Jim’s arborist.

    Do I need a permit for tree removal and pruning? How do I obtain one?

    Yes, many trees in New Zealand require special council permit prior to removal to avoid fines and prosecution.

    Both the size and species will determine whether a permit is required.

    Sounds like a lot of headache? Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will help you identify whether a permit is required and assist you in obtaining one from local council. We can also submit risk assessment reports supporting the case from removal of oversize and high risk trees.

    Avoid the risk of fines and prosecution, trust the experts to handle tree permits.

    Is there a way to tell how old are my trees?

    Whilst a visual inspection can allow us to estimate the age of the tree, the only other way to know with precision is to look at the rings on the cross-section of the bark – something which isn’t practical if you’re looking at keeping a tree.

    What happens to the leftover material from trees after the arborist is done working?

    Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal can take away the tree, mulch leftover from stump grinding, and other chips and bits. Should you like to keep this for yourself, we can arrange to do so. We can even help you chop firewood from leftover trunks and such, or the wood can be put into a chipper—to be used for other purposes.

    Is it possible to get fully grown trees in my garden without waiting for years?

    Tree transplantation is an experts’ job, and yes, you can readily enjoy fully grown trees in your property by hiring the service of a company like Jim’s Tree & Stump removal. Trees are carefully and skillfully uprooted without damage from a seller, transported to your property, and replanted without damaging anything around.

    Why shouldnt I just cut and prune trees myself?

    Unless you’re a skilled and experienced arborist yourself, we recommend against doing so.

    Tree trimming is extremely high risk – to individuals, others and property.

    Don’t take chances on any of these, get an arborist such as Jim’s – we get it right the first time.