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Dangers of attempting DIY Stump Removal

Dangers of attempting DIY Stump Removal

Dangers or attempting DIY Stump Removal

Do you have an unsightly tree stump on your property that you are considering removing?

Tree stumps can be full of hazards to you and your garden. They are difficult to mow and landscape around, and are also the perfect place for pests to reside. These include dangerous fungi, termites and ants amongst many others which can all pose a risk to your personal health and the health of other plants in your garden.

Before attempting to remove a stump yourself, there are a number of things that you should consider. Take a look at our top 4 reasons why attempting a DIY stump removal may be a bad idea.

Stump removal can be hazardous

Attempting to remove a tree stump yourself can be a hazardous process that could risk the spread of a pest infestation to the rest of your garden and most often requires the use of heavy machinery which can be dangerous to use. You also have to check for any underground hazards such as as sewer pipes, cabling and gas lines that could be damaged. 

Using your own tools to attempt to remove a stump could pose the risk of a serious injury to whoever is carrying out the work. Tree root systems are often much larger than you realise, with reports stating that certain systems have the possibility to “occupy an area four to seven times the surface area occupied by the crown of the tree.”

With basic tools this can be an almost impossible job, that poses the risk of broken tools and injury if you are trying to push your equipment to do more than it is designed for. You also run the risk of fines or prosecution if you unintentionally damage underground hazards such as sewer pipes mentioned above.

Professionals have the right equipment for the job 

Professionally trained arborists however will have the knowledge, expertise and correct equipment to make sure that they carry out the removal of your stump in an effective and safe manner.

Arborist have access to heavy duty equipment such as chainsaws and stump grinders which can make short work of removing a stump. Without such equipment, to remove a large stump and root system, you may well have to resort to heavy duty earth moving equipment which can leave a big eyesore in your garden or property.

Stump grinders are designed for efficient stump removal, they have large and powerful cutting disks with serrated teeth which chip away at the stump and root system, even below the ground.

Arborists have access to all of the safety equipment needed to reduce the risk of any work-related accidents and give you the peace of mind that the job is being handled in a professional manner.

Professional Arborists will get the job done quickly 

Alongside getting your stump removed safely, and keeping disruption at your property to a minimum, professionally trained arborists will be able to get the job done far more quickly than if you were attempting it yourself.

If you have multiple stumps in a garden that need removing, the use of a stump grinder can get the job done efficiently and quickly, and save you days of backbreaking work. It could also save you money on labour hire, and give you the time to concentrate on other more important things.

If not removed properly a stump has the potential to re-grow, even from just the roots left under the earths surface. Arborists will make sure that the roots are completely removed to prevent re-growth and save you time and money in the future as well as tod


Stump Removal Specialists will get rid of the waste for you

Stump removal can be a messy process, leaving behind large amounts of wood and debris that often cannot be picked up by your local council. Hiring a specialist rubbish collection company can be expensive, but if you hire a professional arborist, they will often have their own dedicated truck mounted shredder which can dispose of the debris and save you money!


Contact Jim’s Trees – the Stump Removal Experts today!

Auckland’s trusted specialists in stump removal and stump grinding, Jim’s team of professionally trained arborists only use the best equipment to provide you with a quality service. Our stump grinding system uses no chemicals meaning that our services are healthy for your garden, your pets and yourselves, and we take away the debris for you.

If you are in need of Auckland based stump removal or stump grinding services then get in touch with Jim’s Trees today either online or on 0800 454 654 for a free, no obligation quote.

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