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Become a Jim's Trees Franchisor


Our regional franchisors help train, recruit and assist our various franchisees. This means sending them work and giving them all the support they need to do well. Many of our Franchisors will run the franchise on their own while at the same time building up the franchisees and helping them to grow.

Many of our Franchisors are also Franchisees, but many times they move from one division to another. Some of them Jims-Trees-T11-slidercome from outside the Jim’s Group and are added into our company due to their expertise in a particular industry.

Our Franchisors are expected to be strong leaders who are committed to their work. They should treat Franchisees as valued customers, not like employees. To be a Franchisor, applicants must have a degree of business acumen and be able to manage others and their own business well. The primary goal of Franchisors is to encourage the success of Franchisees.

Many of our Franchisors have done well for themselves, finding great personal reward and monetary gain from their endeavors with us. If you are interested in the Franchisor program, we recommend that you speak to one of our current Franchisors. We have a list of Franchisors available on this site.

Franchisors create revenue through various means, including:

  • Operating a franchise by themselves or managing staff members and transport
  • Sales from the franchise (Franchisors are permitted to keep 80% of all sales for their franchise)
  • Fees generated by the franchise which include monthly fees and per service fees

Franchisors should be committed to the success of the many Franchisees with whom they work. They will have to provide support and check in with their franchisees regularly. The will also be required to hold meetings and perform evaluations on the operations of the business.

Franchisors should also have a spotless history of employment or business record. Their dedication to providing excellent customer service and helping others do well should be evident. The process to become a Jim’s Franchisor is an involved one that includes several interviews and an induction seminar.

If you would like to be considered for a position as a Jim’s Franchisor, please download the Franchisor kit from this site or contact us.

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