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    When you’ve got trees that need servicing,  you want to hire someone with the right experience and skills to do the job. You not only want the pressing issue resolved immediately, but you don’t want to have to deal with the same problem again further down the road. You certainly don’t want a quick fix now to lead to a more serious problem later on.

    That’s why it’s important to know the different services offered, the names of professionals of various skill levels between people, and which professional is right for the job at hand.

    In this blog post, we will cover the difference between Tree Loppers and Professional Arborists.

    What is a Tree Lopper?

    A Tree lopper is quite simply someone who “lops” off the part of the tree that is causing an issue. Usually, tree lopping refers to making vertical cuts to trees to remove particular branches.

    The terminology for lopping or topping is considered fairly outdated by modern arborists. However, it’s still a term used as part of planning legislation, so it’s partially held onto for that purpose.

    To quote the British arboricultural association:

    Lopping refers to the removal of large side branches (the making of vertical cuts) and topping refers to the removal of large portions of the crown of the tree (the making of horizontal cuts, generally through the main stems). Often used to describe crude, heavy-handed or inappropriate pruning.”

    Companies calling themselves tree loppers will generally have some of the tools to get a simple job done but none of the skills, training and experience to anticipate the lasting effect of the job they’re doing. In some very limited circumstances, it might be ok to simply lop off a particular offending tree branch. But these circumstances are actually highly irregular for some reasons.

    Tree loppers likely offer cheaper rates than hiring a qualified arborist, but the level of service isn’t comparable for real comparisons to be made. Often loppers won’t consider the positioning of the particular tree and the angle of growth. Arborists consider this a mandatory consideration before pruning trees because you can drastically impair trees structural integrity with incorrect pruning. This has the potential to cause serious hazards to surrounding property.

    However, the position of the tree and the way that the pruning of branches is likely to affect future growth isn’t the only factor that arborists consider. You also consider, the type and position of the cut. How best to limit the exposure of the tree to potential insect infestations and diseases. 

    How are Arborists Different?

    Arborists have extensive training and have earned qualifications in all aspects of tree care and maintenance; they adhere to recommended tree pruning guidelines.

    A fully trained arborist will take into account a range of factors when finding a solution to any tree related problems. This gives arborists clients the satisfaction of a solution that is safer, less impactful and more aesthetically pleasing especially when viewed over a longer timeframe.

    Arborists will also aim to ensure that the trees regrowth is likely to be healthy and strong and require pruning and maintenance less frequently. Arborists also have a deep understanding of how different species of trees will react to specific methods of pruning. This means rather than coming at a problem with a one size fits all approach they will tailor the solution to the specifics of the situation taking in a multitude of additional factors.

    Why Choose Jim’s Trees Arborists

    All Jim’s Trees franchises only employ fully trained and qualified arborists, so you can ensure you’re hiring someone with the best possible skills for the job.

    Jim’s Trees arborists are competent and qualified not only to prune tree branches but also to perform a wide range of duties.

    If you’re interested in Jim’s Trees professional arborist services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jim’s today on 0800 454 654.